Custom-made Surfboard

Craig Shaping Crop

The day you pick up your custom-made surfboard from Supernova will be the happiest day of your life! It may seem like you’re waiting longer than it took for Lance Armstrong to admit that he had doped, but it will be worth the wait! Buying a custom made board from Supernova Surfboards will help keep the art of hand-shaping a surfboard alive. And will give you a board you won’t want to stop riding! We will make a made-to-measure Surfboard, designed for you and your needs. It will be exactly suited for the type of waves you will be surfing. Craig has been surfing local waves for over 30 years, and he will design you a board that will boggle your brain! Give us a ring or drop us an email to discuss your custom board with us and we will make you a board that will keep you stoked!